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Multiple covers of Roots Magazine spread out on a white surface


Becca Mahon

Digital Photography, 2022

Roots is a magazine made by and for Ann Arbor’s local music scene, made through community-based visual storytelling. Roots features several artists, events, places, and stories throughout the 48-page print magazine. Interactive digital content can be accessed via QR codes throughout the magazine. The content is driven by my collaboration with local artists and conversations with the community over the course of several months. Musicians were genuinely excited to share their love for the scene, and finding ways to share their contagious enthusiasm has been one of the most rewarding parts of the process. Using documentary photography, portraits, and interviews, I aim to visually tell the story of music culture within one specific community, Ann Arbor. Roots engages with the long history of printed and digital music media, and each volume will bring visibility to one part of the Ann Arbor music scene. Roots is about connections—exploring what it means to be connected, and what it means to be local.