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A hand-bound book spread is shown. On the left page, there are two illustrated minotaurs: one is an adult, and one is a child, situated above him, clasping an ax. The text reads, "Once wasting away in a labyrinth for a childhood, an adolescence, an eternity; now, wasting away in a 300 square foot hole in the wall." On the right page is a close-up illustration of the minotaur's eye, implying through color that he has been crying. The text reads, "I'm tired, tired, tired. But hasn't the problem passed? I'm here, not there. I'm here, not there. I'm here."

I am the Beastchild

Jude Victor Boudon

Mixed media illustration in hand-bound book, 2022

In this memoir-style retelling of the Minotaur legend of Greek mythos, the audience is invited to consider the question: What would come of the bull-man if he had escaped the labyrinth designed to imprison him for a lifetime? Viewers are invited to sit at the archetypal beast’s desk and flip through his illustrated diary, exploring a painful past that imprisons him through the present. This diary presents an intimate spin on the character, contrasting a history of cruel confinement with the possibility of a new home to examine how long-term trauma inhabits both body and space. The narrative unfolds through vignettes portraying the lasting psychological effects of being outcast by family of origin at a young age, as well as the frightening new prospect of healthy emotional vulnerability with others. The entries mirror the artist’s turbulent journey of processing childhood trauma at the time of the book’s creation, writing as the Minotaur to unravel their own complex emotions through his story.