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A pink arm chair with ribbon, rose petals, fake pearls, and small disco balls sprawled across it. The arm chair is nestled in the corner of a room painted light pink decorated with sculptural wearable art pieces, small photographs, frames, and  silver streamers.

Plastic Girl

Laynie Leach

Mixed Media, 2022

“Only a plastic girl can save us. She can face up to the screen because her face is a screen; she can shift power because she is a shapeshifter; she can produce change because she is change.” – Girlhood and the Plastic Image, Heather Warren-Crow Plastic Girl is a series of photographs exploring the exploitation of femininity in mass media, specifically celebrity culture and consumerism. Navigating the thin line between grotesque and beautiful, attractiveness and discomfort, I create wearable sculptures combining materials such as cotton, silk organza, silicone, clay, and rose petals. I model the wearables and mold myself into forms that disconnect myself temporarily from my actual appearance. The final series of photos critiques and dismantles the commodification of femininity.