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Two panels on top of a tree field on the wall behind them, one of a church, in white the other a figure on a horse


John Cooper

Oil on plywood,, 2022

Bedford is a series of paintings meditating on my experience growing up in Tennessee. To be a Southerner is to be piecemeal. You grow up often discouraged from sharing feelings but encouraged to experience similar truths to those around you. It's not talk that's important, its actions and their consequences. All stories, yours included, rely on each other. Bonded together, every moment of your life forms a tangled mass of roots and connections with everyone else. Trees are the quiet watchers of my family’s story. They’ve outlasted any one member of my family, and they will outlast me. I’ve climbed every tree I’ve painted. This series captures the slight swaying vertigo of home through glimpses of the past partially obscured by tree branches. Oil on plywood panel, 4x2’ each