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Kate Donoghue: Field Trip

Field Trip

Kate Donoghue

Acrylic on Canvas

Through striking brushstroke quality and an attentive eye to value, my painted works entangle hard-edged forms with dreamlike diffusion. I am driven to capture disruptions of normalcy through conflicts between playfulness and complexity. Nuances of human expression and movement exist at the forefront of the canvas, intentionally positioned as confrontational subjects. These figures exist in a land of ambiguity; neither explicitly portrayed as delinquents nor innocents, naïve nor responsible, playful nor vengeful. My work strives to memorialize moments of tension and apprehension which would normally pass in secret, unaddressed. What does it mean to make permanent what could have been so fleeting? What is exposed, and what is there still an urge to look away from? In the capturing of actions that are uncomfortably yet inherently human, I am excited by the ever-present grappling of where empathy and understanding live in these depictions.