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Danielle Tutak: Artifact [Human] c. 2021

Artifact [Human] c. 2021

Danielle Tutak

Etched copper plates, handspun yarn, carved wood dowel

Artifact [Human] c. 2021. explores what it means to be Human and our relationships with material and personal histories. This work is the result of adding my second degree in anthropological archeology, which integrated new questions into my creative practice. As artist and anthropologist, I play with intent, classification, and how material and human connections transcend linear time; we are constantly in dialogue with people - past, present, and future. I chose metals, wood, and fibers for their historical significance: people have used them for centuries. Each material deteriorates differently, engaging ideas of decay and passing time. I invoke the visual and material languages of tapestry, referencing its historical use for documentation. As faux artifact, this piece questions boundaries between art and archeology and why museums become the final resting place for culturally significant objects. The etched copper plates resemble landmasses, alluding to how our physical world influences us. Each etched scene invokes shared experiences that connect us: compassion, creativity, life and death, fear, physical needs, and our care for future generations. This perspective is bound by my experience. Your perspective is different. However, regardless of our differing interpretations, all of your connections are correct simply because you are Human.