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Annabel Paul: Ratty Tatty: Brother Bunny

Ratty Tatty: Brother Bunny

Annabel Paul

Linocut on Paper

Created in the memory of an illustration from a long lost picture book that circulated around my childhood apartment, this piece explores the childlike attachment to comfort objects; both celebrating the human ability to love anything, even inanimate objects, and juxtaposing the childlike self with the (quasi) adult self. This piece is intended to question how we change as we get older and what we bring with us from childhood to adulthood in order to provide comfort and a reminder of who we are. My choice of linoleum as a medium lends itself to the stark, black and white, contrast of the inanimate object and the self in its current setting. While the woman in facing away, the stuffed animal stares out of the piece as the only thing that can convey emotion; effectively talking for its owner and conflating itself with a living, breathing, human girl.