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Grace Klein: Vignette in Motion

Vignette in Motion

Grace Klein

Polyester Upholstery Fabric Garment with Accompanying Performance Video

This garment features a sleeveless, two-tone, color-blocked, top and skirt composition created to bring attention to the center of the figure. The back of this garment is fully comprised of one piece of oval-shaped fabric. This oval serves as a vignette for the figure. When the wearer lays down on their back this vignette creates a purple checkered oval that encompasses the whole of the body. While the back of the garment creates a background for the wearer, the front of the outfit exposes arms legs, and head to create further contrast between the body of the wearer and the outfit they are a part of. The back of the garment is equipped with eight orange patterned handles equally spaced around the parameter of the oval. This outfit was created with a performance in mind. These eight handles are activated by four performers to drag, swing, and spin the wearer around a space.

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