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Tessa Holz: The Collector's Attire

The Collector's Attire

Tessa Holz

Cotton wearable with costume jewelry, feathered hat

My piece was inspired by the composition of The Collector, by Mark Dion, which is currently being displayed in the UMMA. The Collector consists of a rooster proudly perched atop a pile of baubles which are stuck in tar. My piece consists of a long black cloak covered in a variety of vintage and antique buttons, as well as various necklaces and other small metallic items which have been aged with acrylic paint. With it is a pillbox hat that is gold on the top with white feathers covering all the sides, and a fan of dark green rooster feathers on the back. The black cloak that I created mimics the tar, with all the vintage buttons and baubles stuck to it. The feathered hat mimics the shape of the rooster, perched atop the wearer’s head. The cloak is rather long and loose because I wanted to create the illusion of the pile of baubles almost spilling as the wearer moves. I think that collecting strange little shiny things is something that is almost intrinsic in most people, especially artists, and this piece kind of personifies that tendency.