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Mellisa  Lee: Flora of Indigenous Cultures

Flora of Indigenous Cultures

Mellisa Lee


“Flora of Indigenous Cultures” is an illustrated six-page accordion book showcasing the vast ranges of plant uses in a variety of indigenous cultures around the world. The indigenous groups included are (left to right): Maasai of Sub-Saharan West Africa, Cherokee of North America, Adivasi of South Asia, Hmong of Southeast Asia, Sámi of Europe and Mapuche of South America. Corresponding behind each page of these illustrations are the plants that are used primarily within each group of people, either for medicinal or dietary purposes. I wanted to give amplification to indigenous people around the world, as I myself identify as an ethnic minority indigenous to regions of Southeast Asia, coming from the Hmong/Miao ethnicity. This accordion book reflects my own experiences growing up using the plant Taab Kib Lab (tah-ki-lah) and overall, my years studying the vast ranges of indigenous cultures in Socio-Cultural Anthropology.