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Jozef Meyers: Sweet Nineteen

Sweet Nineteen

Jozef Meyers

Mixed media: spray paint, lego sculpture, glue, oil bars.

In this piece titled Sweet Nineteen, I’m questioning my experience with maturing into young adulthood, and losing a lot of young innocence. With extensive research in gratitude, I have come to the understanding that toddlers are often the most free and uncaring people. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed that frame of mind would help a lot in daily struggles young adults go through. So with that, in my piece I am using different elements from my childhood in which I am then trying to question how these innocent, free feelings can often be killed as you age and yet cannot be reversed. I studied my childhood drawings, fish and messy poems were a repeating subject, I wanted to explore this relationship of childhood drawings compared to my matured style.