Undergraduate Students

Student Organizations

AIGA, UM Chapter

The AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) at the University of Michigan strives to facilitate an atmosphere where interest in graphic design can flourish, develop and be practiced in an enthusiastic and welcoming setting. The purpose of AIGA is to sponsor a creative environment in which young designers can be exposed to the professional practices of graphic design, UX/UI, branding, and many more design-related spheres.

AIGA is the oldest and largest membership association for professionals engaged in the discipline, practice and culture of designing. Our student chapter has a close relationship with AIGA Detroit, and is constantly interacting with the local design community. In addition, we provide our own workshops and events.

Environmental Action (EnAct)

Our goal is to foster a supportive community of environmentally-conscious students through social events, weekly meetings, and community outreach. We seek to combat climate change through collective lifestyle adaptations and education.

IDSA, UM Chapter

IDSA Stamps is starting this year in hopes to foster a strong industrial design community. We want students across all disciplines to gain a better understanding of industrial design and how it fits into our everyday lives and the future. This year we are focusing on developing conceptual, prototyping and technical skills. We will have workshops once a month as well as project and conference opportunities. One can be as involved as they want.

Michigan Animation Club

The Michigan Animation Club is a group of awesome individuals interested in animation. It’s a space for both artists and enthusiasts who wish to further their abilities in animation and illustration, all while learning to use the variety of technical tools offered to us. We create and critique animated films, host a variety of technical workshops, screen weekly animated shorts, collaborate on projects with organizations throughout the university, ect. But most importantly: we have fun! We invite students to join us from any year and department, the only specification being a passion to learn and create.

Stamps in Color

Stamps in Color is a group of artists/creatives of color at the Stamps School of Art and Design whose mission is to increase the creative, social, and professional opportunities of peers, faculty and staff of color at the Stamps School of Art and Design. SiC promotes a conducive atmosphere for the professional and personal growth of students and artists of color through the facilitation of events, lectures, dialogue sessions, and exhibits that speak to the experiences of its members.

The only organization of its kind in STAMPS, SiC offers students/artists/creatives of color connections in their field through a network and coalition of professionals, artists and community members of color. Foremost, SiC's aim is to provide the STAMPS community with a space to delve into diverse topics, entertainment and endeavors pertaining to issues of race and ethnicity as well as their intersections with other social identities.

Think Slate

Founded by two friends with a vision to gain more hands on experience while in school, Think Slate is a multi-disciplinary student group dedicated to developing innovative solutions to real world problems. Each semester, teams are challenged to foster their idea into a working prototype, complete with business plan and pitch packet. Think Slate encourages an entrepreneurial mindset and a product driven attitude. It’s an opportunity for students across all majors to collaborate and gain experience coordinating with a diverse group of talented innovators. We aim to provide an environment for students to exercise the freedom to create beyond the boundaries of a classroom, and connect with a strong network of like-minded peers.

If you would like to see another student organization included on this page, email Brian Banks with detailed information.