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Stamps Students Exhibit at 56th Annual Ann Arbor Film Festival

The 56th Annual Ann Arbor Film Festival (March 20-25, 2018) includes an “off-the-screen” exhibition at the University of Michigan North Quad 2435 space (105 S. State St.).

This exhibition features a selection of film installations, including Lily Baldwin and Saschka Unseld’s VR artwork Through You; Peter Rose’s 3-D/6-D video Towards a Six-Dimensional Cinema; and select student work. There will be a public reception for this installation from 3-5 pm on Tuesday, March 20 at North Quad 2435.

The following Stamps Students will be featured in the “student reels” portion of this North Quad exhibition:

  • Layla Abdul-Jabbar (BFA ‘19)
  • Charlotte Cardon (BFA ‘20)
  • Cassidy Carpenter (BFA ‘19)
  • Cheyenne Couture (BFA ‘19)
  • Henry Olstein (BFA ‘19)
  • Jennifer Huang (BFA ‘19)
  • Sophie Hullinger (BFA ‘20)
  • Kellie Kohler (BFA ‘20)
  • Natalie Kraepel (BFA ‘20)
  • Maddi Lelli (BFA ‘19)
  • Jennifer Long (BFA ‘19)
  • Sarah McNamara (BFA ‘19)
  • Liana Meissner-Driscoll (BFA ‘20)
  • Natalie Nye (BFA ‘20)
  • Stefan Savoy (BFA ‘19)
  • Anna Vanderberg (BFA ‘19)
  • Alicia  Vanderpool (BFA ‘19)
  • Keysha Wall (BFA ‘19)
  • Jessica Whitaker (BFA ‘20)
  • KiYoung You (BFA ‘18)

The student reel portion also includes a video created in Stamps Professor Heidi Kumao’s Winter 2018 Stop Motion Storytelling course with Witt Visitor and animator, Tess Martin. Through this course project, Stamps students learned how to created 2D drawn animation loops from Martin. According to Kumao, the class chose an offbeat instrumental soundtrack from which was divided into 13 parts. Each student animated a section of the soundtrack, synchronizing their animation to the music resulting in an animated "exquisite corpse" style narrative.

Winter 2018 Stop Motion Storytelling students include:

  • Layla Abdul-Jabbar (BFA ‘19)
  • Kory Barksdale II (BFA, ‘19)
  • Charlotte Cardon (BFA ‘20)
  • Cassidy Carpenter (BFA ‘19)
  • Jennifer Huang (BFA ‘19)
  • Sophia R Hullinger (BFA ‘20)
  • Kellie Kohler  (BFA ‘20)
  • Natalie J Kraepel (BFA ‘20)
  • Sarah McNamara  (BFA ‘19)
  • Lillian C Minnette (BFA, ‘20)
  • Natalie C Nye (BFA ‘20)
  • Anna Vanderberg (BFA ‘19)
  • Alicia Vanderpool  (BFA ‘19)

Check out a sampling of featured Stamps student work in our YouTube playlist below.

The AAFF exhibition will also include work by students from the College for Creative Studies (Detroit), Eastern Michigan University (Ypsilanti), Edge Hill University (Ormskirk, the United Kingdom), and the University of Michigan Department of Screen Arts & Cultures in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (Ann Arbor).

For a full listing of films on view in the North Quad 2435 space, visit the AAFF event listing.