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Penny Stamps Speaker Series

Penny Arcade

Longing Lasts Longer

October 21, 2017

Penny Arcade

Special Event: Saturday, October 21, 7 pm at Wasserman Projects (3434 Russell St #502, Detroit, MI 48207)

Penny Arcade is an internationally respected performance artist, actress, poet, and theater maker. Her work is a cultural critique on class, race, and identity that has always focused on the other and the outsider. She is an original member of New York’s seminal rock and roll, political theater The Playhouse of the Ridiculous and was a teenage superstar in Andy Warhol’s Factory. She grew up to make her own work, sustaining a career of almost 50 years. With her longtime collaborator of 25 years, Steve Zehentner, she also co-helms the Lower East Side Biography Project Stemming The Tide Of Cultural Amnesia, a video documentary project that has broadcast and cybercast weekly for 18 years. For her Penny Stamps event, Arcade will perform her show Longing Lasts Longer (a double award-winner at the Edinburgh Festival), which turns contemporary stand-up on its head to create a crack in the post-gentrified landscape. Driven by her magnetic rock and roll energy, Arcade’s razor-sharp satire is mixed live to euphoric soundscapes inspired by four decades of pop culture.

In partnership with Wasserman Projects.