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Penny Stamps Speaker Series

Jonathan Barnbrook

What You Want Is Not What You Need

February 9, 2017

Jonathan Barnbrook

Jonathan Barnbrook is probably best known for his design collaborations with David Bowie, having created the covers for his last four albums, including the final and current Grammy-nominated Blackstar. In addition to album covers and packaging, his work encompasses a wide range of areas including activism and cultural design. He is known for his collaborations with the anti-advertising collective Adbusters, the Occupy movement, Banksy, and Damien Hirst. His font ‘Mason’ was one of the first digital typefaces acquired by MoMA in 2013. He was given a major retrospective at the Design Museum, London, in 2007 and a touring exhibition that has been to over 10 countries. Barnbrook says, “I still believe in the utopian goal of design, to make people’s lives better, whether that is through facilitating direct political action or simply helping people appreciate the beauty and mind opening philosophy of music. Working with Bowie and Occupy were both worthwhile and important as both have the possibility to change society.”

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