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Penny Stamps Speaker Series

Indira Freitas Johnson

Ten Thousand Ripples

Tuesday, November 12, 2013 at 5:00 pm

Special Presentation at Stamps Auditorium (North Campus) - Tuesday, Nov. 12, 7:00 PM

While she is based in Chicago, sculptor, cultural worker, peace activist and educator Indira Freitas Johnson has maintained close ties with India. Much of her inspiration comes from transitory, ritualistic Indian folk art practices which she uses to address issues of domestic violence, leprosy health education, labor, the environment, gender, peace, nonviolence and literacy. Dedicated to engaging local voices and communities in the creative process, Indira’s projects follow the “call and response” tradition that is prevalent in many cultures. She puts out a call and the community responds so that the final art -work is a hybrid that depends on and is completed by community interaction.

The recipient of numerous grants and awards, Indira’s work has exhibited internationally and is represented in numerous private and public collections including the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, Rhode Island School of Design Museum, Mobile Museum of Art, State of Illinois Building, Chicago and the High Museum of Art.

Supported by Artrain Inc., Arts Engine and River Gallery.

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