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Penny Stamps Speaker Series

Form&Seek Design Collective

Never Normal

Friday, October 9, 2020 at 8:00 pm

Form&Seek Design Collective

Bilge Nur Saltik (Founder, Form&Seek), Aaron Blendowski (Artist & Designer) and Alison Wong (Director + Curator, Wasserman Projects) will discuss the concept and development of Never Normal, an exhibition created by the Detroit based design collective Form&Seek, produced by Wasserman Projects. Featuring works by over 20 designers, Never Normal expresses the ever-changing viewpoint of the designer’s perspective on the built world. Looking away from the conventional means of solving problems, the works in this exhibition seek to reexamine and reevaluate our personal relationships to our domestic landscape. Through craft or making, these designers are able to express value, preciousness, and care that offer intuitive moments of clarity on contemporary issues in response to the needs of a society in flux.

The future now seems inscrutable, provoking us to think of the possibilities and opportunities for change in human behaviors and our environment.

Form&Seek, together with Wasserman Projects, is proud to present Never Normal in Detroit to honor its history as the cradle of American design and to uphold the city as a platform for new experimental design.

In partnership with Wasserman Projects.

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