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Penny Stamps Speaker Series

Clyde Petersen

Alternate Realities, Intentional Histories and Queer Survival: Building Your own World in Dystopic Times

February 21, 2019

Clyde Petersen
Boating with Clyde, Cardboard Installation, 2014. Photo by Gigi Grinstad.

Clyde Petersen is a Seattle-based artist working in film, animation, music, installation, and spectacle. A proud member of the transgender and queer communities in Seattle, Petersen’s work explores identity and narrative form. Petersen’s autobiographical stop-motion animated feature film Torrey Pines, a queer punk coming-of-age tale, premiered in October 2016 and toured the world with a live score. Petersen is also the leader of Your Heart Breaks, an internationally touring queercore punk band founded in 1998, and the host of the internet film series Boating with Clyde. His work has been featured around the world in museums, galleries, and other venues. Petersen is currently working on two new feature films and has a solo exhibition at the Bellevue Arts Museum titled Merch and Destroy, featuring a life-size Ford Econoline van built entirely out of cardboard and a series of fantasy guitars.

Presented with support from the Ann Arbor Film Festival and the Institute for the Humanities.