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Style guides, templates, logo files, info on event planning, and more.

Authorization to Make/Use Recordings

By enrolling in Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design (Stamps) courses or participating in Stamps-sponsored programs and activities, Stamps students authorize the University of Michigan (University) to make recordings in photographs, videotape, film, sound, or other medium (Recordings) that capture, record, or otherwise document them (i.e., their image, voice, likeness, name, and participation) and/or their works in connection with Stamps programs and activities. They further authorize the University to use, reproduce, distribute, publicly perform, and display all or any portion of the Recordings in a manner consistent with its educational mission, such as for academic, scholarly, informational, or promotional uses, among others.


  1. Click this link to get started: a page will open in a new tab/window.
  2. Enter your Name, UM ID number, and check the box to confirm that you have read and understand the above policy and
  3. Click Submit.

Stamps students who have special circumstances, such as privacy, safety, or other concerns with the above, should download the Privacy Protection Resource Document for the full Photo / Video Policy and info on how students can safeguard their privacy at Stamps.

The Stamps School’s Communications & Marketing Team can help to answer any questions about image use and protections:

If you have questions about copyright or the Creative Commons, email to reach the specialists at the University of Michigan Library Copyright Office for help. Their work focuses on making copyright law engaging and understandable, consulting with faculty and students on copyright issues, and helping the U-M community find and leverage open and Creative Commons licensed materials.

Branding Guidelines

As a community of creative makers we are continually producing materials connected with our activities, programs, exhibitions, classes, and presentations. Stamps benefits from the diversity of graphic communication styles that target its many audiences. But without unifying visual guidelines, the materials we produce can appear disconnected, making us less recognizable as a school and confusing our audiences about who we are and what we do.

We have a common interest in reinforcing our reputation for institutional excellence and increasing our visibility as a school. In order to this, we must be disciplined about our visual identity.

The following materials present not just a visual mark to unify our activities but a means for collectively communicating who we are to all our audiences —internal and external. At the same time, these guidelines allow considerable discretion in expressing the unique qualities of Stamps and its various creative activities.

This document, prepared by the Stamps communications team, provides guidelines for using the key graphic elements of the Stamps visual identity: the Stamps logo and wordmark, the Stamps typeface, and Stamps colors.

It focuses on print publications, with general guidelines for the web, and provides resources and downloads to ensure consistent usage. It also provides guidelines for use of the Stamps School name in text.

Together, these materials provide a foundation for organizational visual identity—along with a strong connection to the University of Michigan—without constraining the range of graphic possibilities.

Documenting Your Creative Work

Click below to download a step-by-step guide to lighting and photographing your work.

Event Promotion Guides

Please see the files below for general (4+ months in advance) and rush (5-6 weeks in advance) timetables that can be used for basic promotion of high-level events, as well as tips on how you can use your personal social media accounts to promote your event.


The Stamps logo is designed to support a visual identity that aligns with the overall University of Michigan brand while marking us as bold, confident, and creative. Please follow these guidelines to ensure that the logo retains its impact as the official mark of the School.

The Stamps logo can only be used in non-Stamps publications or event displays with the approval of the Stamps School Director of Communications.

Please see our Branding Guidelines document for full information on using our logo, and contact the Communications team with any additional questions.

MDes Faculty Communications Toolkit

This toolkit includes tools for Stamps faculty to use in communicating about the MDes program at the Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design.

Ordering Nametags

Stamps staff places their own name tag orders on an as-needed basis using their PCards. We use the Office Sign Company for these orders. Specs and templates are linked below for everyone to use.

Ordering Stationery / Business Cards

Stamps now has a business account through, which will allow faculty members, staff members, and graduate students to place their own business card orders directly through the site. You will need to pay with your P-Card at the time of purchase - please see instructions below for full ordering details, including steps to take for those who do not have P-Cards. Orders will take approximately 2 weeks for delivery.

Style Guide

The Stamps School of Art & Design utilizes the Chicago Manual of Style for editorial consistency. Please download the full Stamps Style Guide below for detailed guidelines on style, usage, and grammar when referring to the school, programs, faculty/staff titles and positions, committees, studios, curriculum components, and exhibitions.

Templates: Letterhead / Documents

Templates are provided to streamline the workflow of faculty, staff, and students of the Stamps School, as well as to create consistency in all materials representing the Stamps School. Please contact the Communications team if you have specific needs not addressed here.

Follow these instructions to save and install .dotx files as templates in Microsoft Word.

  1. Download the appropriate Word template below:
    Stamps School Letterhead - General Use (Word): This is a general Stamps School letterhead appropriate for color printing and digital distribution.
    Stamps Temporary Signage (Word): This document can be used to make temporary signs for posting information about scheduling of classrooms, class cancellations, etc.
  2. Double-click the resulting .dotx file to open it in Word.
  3. To save the file as a reusable template, after it opens in Word choose File > Save As... The file should be saved to your "My Templates" folder by default. Click the "Save" button to save the template, then close the template. You'll need to open each .dotx file that you downloaded in step 1, then repeat this step for each template file.
  4. To create a new file based on a template you installed, choose File > New from Template.... Click My Templates in the resulting window’s left column, select the template you'd like to use, and click the "Choose" button.
  5. Word should create a new document based on the template you selected. Start editing to create your customized document.

Note: if you don't want to use the file as a template, you don't have to - you can just open the .dotx file in Microsoft Word or Pages, edit and print or save.

Templates: Posters / Flyers

Visit the Google Drive linked below to download InDesign versions of poster/flyer templates that can be used for event promotion.

Templates: Powerpoint / Slides

Visit the Google Drive linked below to download Powerpoint templates that can be used as a starting point for new presentations.

U-M Digital Wearables

Download Commencement filters below, as well as a set of U-M digital "wearables" - Michigan hats, scarves, bandanas, and more - to add to your photos.

Virtual Event Accessibility & Accommodations

View the document below for information for Stamps staff and faculty on accessibility, access statements, and accommodations for remote events.

Zoom Backgrounds and Resources

Visit the Google Drive linked below to download logos and backgrounds to use in Zoom.