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Charlie Reynolds

Graduate Student, MFA Program

Portrait of Charlie Reynolds, holding a paintbrush


Curriculum Vitae
  • BFA, Painting, Middle Tennessee State University

Charlie Reynolds is a conceptual artist who explores themes of war, gender, and disability using fibers, installations, paintings, and sculpture. He seeks to invite viewers to investigate the limitations of the body and the euphoria of breaking free from it. His art, and developing practices, reflect the struggle to reconcile his identity and his abilities. Charlie draws inspiration from the tradition of Arte Povera, incorporating meaningful or sentimental materials into projects, giving them a new purpose and life while also considering an object’s history.

During his time at the University of Michigan, Charlie hopes to expand his practice with a specific interest in weaving, hand dying, and quilting. He would like to explore the history of transgender rights and medicine through his art, with a particular interest in the current anti-trans laws in the United States. Having fled such laws in Tennessee, he is ready to use this time to fight.

“Art is activism for me,” said Devin Allen, a photographer for the Black Lives Matter movement.