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Abigail Lowe

Graduate Student, MFA Program


Abigail Lowe, wearing a red shirt and upside down


Curriculum Vitae
  • BA, Visual & Narrative Identity, Grinnell College

Abigail's work weaves together studio art, literary criticism, and creative writing. Starting from a text (plays, novels, poems, history, folklore), she makes drawings, constructs garments, fabricates objects, and builds theatrical spaces. Through craft, she examines narratives and creates stories that nest within them. She searches through texts for gaps, inconsistencies, and absences that invite intervention. Through this process, her work investigates storytelling as a core component of "women's work," exploring the power of narrative to refine and reframe lived experience.

Whether she's working with a Shakespeare play or Homeric epic, Abigail's work starts with a period of reading, research, and writing. Though she doesn't work in one particular medium, drawing is always at the center of Abigail's practice. She transfers her drawings onto surfaces and transforms them into constructed spaces, inscribing them with hours of labor through cutting, painting, printing, and stitching.