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Zach Kolodziej: “Selfie” in New York Times

NYT Zach

A self-portrait by undergraduate Zach Kolodziej (BFA 17) is featured in a href=“”>Who Am I?, an online exhibition of creative selfies by The New York Times.

When we create a phone selfie, we are documenting our presence. Who is the man posing for? In Mirror Selfie,’ the man, shirtless and slightly exposing his undergarments, emphasizes his masculinity. Producing his own image allows him more control over how he is seen.”

We invited students to submit creative selfies that express who they are, and we received hundreds, from college students to first graders. Marci Beene, who teaches digital photography at J.T. Hutchinson Middle School in Lubbock, Tex., turned the solicitation into an assignment for her seventh and eighth graders: Do a selfie that goes beyond your face,” she instructed, and that represents something.”