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Allen Samuels: Yet Another COVID-19 Face Shield

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Allen Samuels, Emeritus Professor and Dean and Industrial Designer, has designed a number of thin plastic face masks or shields for the COVID-19 pandemic. This latest design is unique in that this one-piece, vacuum formed, thin plastic face shield protects the wearer’s full face and allows others to see the wearer’s full face. Unlike typical face masks that cover the nose and mouth, this design provides a clear nose and mouth chamber resulting in full-face visibility. A replaceable, under the chin filter processes all incoming and outgoing air as air enters and exits the shield through holes on the underside of the nose and mouth chamber. Samuels is seeking U‑M collaborators who can develop appropriate filters that could be used in this full face shield. He has created and modeled a concept and design and now welcomes assistance with the filter design, materials, and production processes.