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Witt Residency: Reynold Reynolds

Reynold Reynolds is an artist and filmmaker who calls Berlin homebase, but has been traveling in and out to artist residencies all over the world for the last ten years. His most recent residency was this past semester right here at Stamps, as part of the Witt Visiting Artists program.

Through experimental non-narrative film and installation projects, Reynold explores film’s relationships to other art forms, such as renaissance drawings. In his most recent project, made at Stamps and yet to be named, Reynold focuses on a decidedly more modern (yet retro) art form: LP records and TV.

With a team of Stamps students, Reynold transformed the Slusser Lounge into a small-scale film studio, complete with a forced-perspective stage. He also worked with Dance department faculty Amy Chavasse and cast two students from the School of Music, Theater, and Dance as the film’s main performers who sing and dance atop the record-tiled floor decked out in 1960s go-go attire.

Below are photos shot on set over the course of the project. To see the final film and installation, don’t miss the 2015 Ann Arbor Film Fest where the work will be a featured exhibit!

Dramatic light and awesome dresses (photo by Catie Newell)