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Willie Filkowski: Watermill Center Residency

Willie Filkowski (right), pictured here with Emilia Javanica (MFA 12) as Buoj iz Jeb 

The Stamps School is pleased to announce that Interarts student Willie Filkowski has been awarded a summer 2013 residency at The Watermill Center, the acclaimed performance laboratory of avant garde director Robert Wilson. Willie’s award marks the first year of a new partnership between the Byrd Hoffman Watermill Foundation and the Stamps School to establish one dedicated position for a Stamps student each year. 

You have no idea how excited I am,” says Filkowski. I’ve got a massive interest in avant-garde and experimental theatre & performance. Coincidentally, I had already been looking into applying to the program when Chrisstina Hamilton announced our school’s new partnership with the Byrd Hoffman Foundation and the Watermill Center and — the person sitting next to me will attest to this— my head exploded! The opportunity is incredible, and the Byrd Hoffman Foundation and the Watermill Center and the Stamps School are beyond generous.”

The Watermill Center provides a supportive environment for those emerging artists who embrace avant-garde, multidisciplinary approaches, regularly convening the brightest minds from all disciplines to do, in Wilson’s words, what no one else is doing.”

This summer, Willie will be joining approximately 65 emerging performers, writers, and artists from around the world in an intensive residency at the six-acre campus.