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Vanessa Nicole: Custom Engagement Rings

Vanessa nicole jewels1

Vanessa Nicole (BFA 2005) has started a unique engagement ring business.

As an artist, I asked myself, How do I create something that matters?” The engagement ring industry is primarily a commercial enterprise. While understandable, the emphasis on profit is lacking the connection to what an engagement ring truly symbolizes. VNJ is the ONLY jeweler that creates a custom ring along with a DVD documenting the entire creation process. 

Each client is asked on film, What do you love about [Laura]?” What do you look forward to in your marriage to [Laura]?”, etc. This voiceover is edited onto footage of her engagement ring being created from scratch, exclusively for her. Every new bride calls us saying, I’ve watched it dozens of times…he’s never said these things to me before!” 

This all started because people didn’t believe I was actually the one making each ring – it’s very rare to find a female diamond setter, so I simply set up a camera while working behind the microscope and uploaded it to YouTube. Hundreds of thousands of views later, my business has found its niche.