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Unfolding: Matthew Shlian Book Release

October 7, 2019

Matthew Shlian will be releasing Unfolding, the first true monograph of his career. The book compiles Shlian’s work over the past decade.

Unfolding is being released via Thames and Hudson’s imprint Volume. In keeping with the geometry of the work, the dimensions of the book are ‘16 cubed’: 16cm squared by 16cm squared by 16 signatures of 16 pages. Printed in full color on two paper stocks, the book features an interview between Stuart Kestenbaum and Shlian, as well as essays by acclaimed writer Lawrence Weschler and Islamic design scholar Eric Broug.

The book contains a complete overview of Shlian’s work over the past ten years, including small- and large-scale works, collaborations with scientific researchers and scientists at the University of Michigan, three-dimension reliefs, and sculpture — all in paper.

Unfolding is available alone or with a print, 3D Art piece, and limited edition vinyl record with Ann Arbor’s own Ghostly International Artists DABRYE & Shigeto.

Estimated delivery will be sometime in the fall of 2020. Order yours on the Unfolding campaign website.

Unfolding: Matthew Shlian Book Release