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Katie Mongoven Discusses Sonata #6 on WKSU

hand-dyed indigo cotton circular embroidery piece
Photo by Christopher Richards 

Katie Mongoven (BFA 17) recently discussed the Sonata #6 Project on Kent State University public radio station WKSU’s podcast segment, Shuffle.

The Sonata #6 Project celebrates the use of geometric abstraction to examine a variety of complex ideas in response to a solo piano sonata composed by Ryan Charles Ramer. How is music interpreted through color? Or visual rhythm and composition? Which responses become personalized and which develop as universal? The results of the Sonata #6 Project may surprise you.
Sonata #6 is a 26-minute composition in three movements performed by award winning pianist Nicholas Underhill of No Exit New Music Ensemble and the Cleveland Chamber Collective.
The Artists of the Sonata #6 Project include Amirah Cunningham, Matthew Gallagher, Tiara Grayson, William Martin Jean, Todd Leech, Katie Mongoven (BFA 17), Kristina Paabus, Judith Salomon, and Jan Zorman. Visit con​textfin​eart​.com for the virtual exhibition and artist talks.
The exhibition is on view at Cleveland’s Survival Kit Gallery from October 15 — December 172021.