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Trevor King Exhibits at Texas Tech

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MFA candidate Trevor King is featured in Anthem: Big Sound/​Big Silence, a solo exhibition at Texas Tech from Mar. 3 — 16

The works in Anthem: Big Sound/​Big Silence represent an idiosyncratic understanding of the self and broadly address questions about class, society, and high art. Trevor King returned to demolition derbies – sites of childhood memories – to find meaningful art content and inspiration for new creative practices. The customs of derby enthusiasts became the subject of and provided tools to shape the sculptures seen here. This exhibit is a record of King’s encounters with a reputed low-culture activity and his transformation of it into a universal discourse on a personal journey, touching on our aspirations and defeats.

Anthem: Big Sound/​Big Silence
Ian F. Thomas, Curator 
March 3162014 
Texas Tech University School of Art Folio Gallery