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Tori Essex: Magic Skoolie Featured in Michigan Daily

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Photo courtesy of Jack Zellweger, The Ann Arbor News 

Tori Essex (BA 18) is featured in a Michigan Daily article on her senior capstone project, a school bus converted into a living space. In the article, Stamps Associate Professor Rebekah Modrak, Essex’s adviser for the project, discusses the project’s influences and impact.

After spending three weeks at a farm immersion program in Ireland, Tori Essex, a 2018 alum of the University of Michigan School of Art & Design, said she felt the most clear-headed” since she was 8 years old. She relished the introspective time and human connections volunteering on the farm allowed her and wished she could do something similar after graduating. Her wish came true.

However, while farming is contingent upon nurturing a certain slice of land, Tori will not be anchored to any one farm. Instead, she plans to tour independent, organic farms throughout the country via The Magic Skoolie,” a school bus she converted into a living space as part of her senior capstone project.

Magic Skoolie,” U‑M grad converts bus into living space | Michigan Daily