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Tiffany Leung: Itinerant Assembly Curatorial Project

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Itinerant Assembly, the graduate project of six MA Curating Contemporary Art students from the Royal College of Art, London, including Stamps alumna Tiffany Leung (BFA 2015), presents a five-month program of events which investigate the productive potential of temporary togetherness. 

What does it mean to be an artist in today’s digital and nomadic world?
Who forms our community when we exist inside a global network?
Where do we find the local when we are constantly on the move?
What does it mean to inhabit the temporary? 

Working in partnership with Gasworks, a non-profit visit arts organization in London, Itinerant Assembly interrogates these questions through a five-month programme of events which investigate the productive potential of temporary togetherness.

The series of assemblies, which began in January this year, culminates in two final events this May: a new commission by emerging international artist group (play)ground-less, and a hackpad event based around a conversation between international participants, which will take place on an online collaborative document that can be updated in real time.

At Gasworks, (play)ground-less will remotely develop a virtual environment. Working with digital arts studio Werkflow, they are building a space within a space, an immersive sound installation (RR) that connects into a virtual reality space (VR) and vice versa. Each member of (play)ground-less is based in a different city – Copenhagen, Bogotá, Madrid and London, nevertheless they will remotely lead the viewer through a fictional narrative delivered in real time, exploring ideas of territorialisation and representation. The installation is an evolution of (play)ground-less’ collective practice, through which their being-in-relation evolves through changing media and technology. 

Staged simultaneously within the (play)groundless installation at Gasworks, at Green Rooms artist hotel and creative workspace Second Home, the Hackpad Event draws together the different questions the project has raised and interrogated over the last 5 months and through the previous three assemblies. During the Hackpad Event, artists will engage with, interpret and interrupt a live online conversation that takes place through the hackpad. Although each artist or artist group is responsible for one site, their performance bleeds into, informs and links with the others, creating a fluid and unpredictable space. Invited artists are (play)groundless (Gasworks), Jane Frances Dunlop & Mira Loew (Green Rooms) & Luli Perez (Second Home).

Itinerant Assembly: Assembly 4
(play)ground-less: hollow tongues
Gasworks, 155 Vauxhall Street, London, SE11 5RH
Opening: Thursday 11 May 6 – 8pm
Continues: Friday 12 — Wednesday 17, 12 – 6pm

Itinerant Assembly: Assembly 5
Hackpad Event: (play)ground-less / Luli Perez / Jane Frances Dunlop & Mira Loew 
Gasworks, 155 Vauxhall Street, London, SE11 5RH / 
Green Rooms, 13 – 27 Station Rd, Wood Green, London N22 6UW /
Second Home, 68 – 80 Hanbury St, London E1 5JL
Date/​Time: Thursday 18 May 7 – 9pm