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The Michigan Daily Covers Stop Protecting Predators Event

Stop Protecting Predators flyer

On Novem­ber 13, 2021 six sur­vivors of U‑M sex­ual mis­con­duct and advo­cates came together to describe the fail­ures of the uni­ver­sity in pro­tect­ing vic­tims, in their own words. The event, Stop Pro­tect­ing Preda­tors: Sur­vivors Speak Up Against U‑M’s Pat­tern of Enabling Abuse, was sup­ported by the Stamps DEI Ini­tia­tive and fea­tured pan­elists Chuck Chris­t­ian (Stamps BFA​82), Maya Cros­man (Stamps BFA​16), and Stamps pro­fes­sor Rebekah Mod­rak as pan­elists. Stamps alum Cassie McQuater (BFA​09) co-orga­nized the event. 

Calder Lewis and Kristina Zheng, reporters for The Michigan Daily covered the event. According to their reporting, Kelly McClintock, attorney for over 300 Anderson survivors as well as seven Conforth survivors at Grewal Law PLLC, served as a panelist for the program. 

When we hear our friends and our family or acquaintances or we see in the comment section, someone saying something to undermine the credibility of a survivor and speaking in a mean-spirited, not trauma-informed way, we have to stick out and we have to stand together and show solidarity to our brother and sister survivors,” McClintock said.

At the event, Professor Modrak called for a council of students, faculty, staff and survivors to oversee the Equity, Civil Rights and Title IX office. 

We need to include the expertise of survivors,” Modrak said. 

Watch the recording of the Stop Protecting Predators event on YouTube.

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