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Terrence Campagna: Indianapolis Art Center

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Terrence Campagnas (BFA 1999) new series of sculptural wall hangings are currently being exhibited at the Indianapolis Art Center in Indianapolis, IN from December 5 — February 1st 2015

Campagna’s wall hangings are made from found materials collected while walking and living in both rural and urban regions of the U.S. between 2011 — 2015. Much of the weathered wood used to build the sculptures was gathered from a variety of rural outbuildings that were in the process of decay. Campagna disassembled parts of the outbuildings and cut the wood into hundreds and hundreds of strips on a table saw. He joined the older wood with strips of newer wood that were painted using the bright color palette of interstate road signs. Other materials that the artist has collected during his walks and travels show up throughout the series — asphalt and stone, tree branches, found plastic, metal scraps, and wooden lattice pieces.

Campagna’s work will also be part of the Elmhurst Art Museums’s exhibition, New American Paintings: Midwest Edition” in the spring of 2015 and the exhibition Atmosphere” at Eastern Michigan University Gallery in the fall of 2015.