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Ted Ramsay: Pushing Aesthetic Boundaries

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Pushing Aesthetic Boundaries, an exhibition of work by Stamps Professor Emeritus Ted Ramsay, opens at WSG gallery on July 25

In his images, Ted Ramsay strives for an aura of magic and mystery tempered with reality. Visual elements suggest but never tell the complete narration in his work. The viewer senses a comprehension of human or animal anatomy, but finds that the aesthetics of paint often dominate the visual image. Paint usually describes the light reflecting from the surfaces of the subjects clarifying their forms, but can also function as an abstract focus. These pictorial color shapes allude to natural phenomena but foremost they serve as a significant breaking of spatial forms. In some works the flat plane or two-dimensional support surface is extended into space using bas-relief components to create a three- dimensional visual illusion.

Ted Ramsay: Pushing Aesthetic Boundaries
Exhibition Dates: July 25 — September 22017
Opening reception: Friday, July 28 from 7 – 9 pm
WSG gallery, 306 S. Main St., Ann Arbor, MI