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Suzy Lake Exhibition Featured

Extended Breathing Against the Branches” (2009÷2010), digital chromogenic transparency, light box. 

The current Stamps Gallery exhibition of work by pioneering feminist artist Suzy Lake, curated by Stamps Gallery Director Srimoyee Mitra, is featured in a CultureSource article by Sarah Rose Sharp. 

For seminal feminist artist and Detroit-native Suzy Lake, a solo show of her recent work at the University of Michigan Stamps Gallery represents a homecoming of sorts. Lake was born and raised in Detroit and studied at Wayne State University before emigrating to Montréal in the late 1960s as a self-proclaimed draft-dodger.” In subsequent years, the work she began in Detroit unfolded into an influential career as one of the pioneering female artists in Canada to incorporate performance, video, and photography to explore the politics of gender, the body, and identity into her political and personal art.

It is fitting, then, that one of the bodies of Lake’s work on display at the Stamps Gallery — newly under the direction of curator and writer Srimoyee Mitra, who also came to Michigan from Canada (and prior to that, Mumbai) — deals directly with her Detroit roots, and features the artist literally tracing her family’s history in the city. Performing an Archive (2014÷2016) is, as it sounds, a series of photographs and research that documents all the residences held by members of Lake’s family, going back generations in Detroit to the late 1890s, and the artist’s efforts to find and reconnect with them in their present-day state.

Suzy Lake continues at the Stamps Gallery (201 S. Division Street, Ann Arbor MI 48104) through February 25.

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