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Suzanne McClelland & Al Loving Featured in New Exhibition

Mark 2018

Work by Stamps alumni Al Loving (MFA 65) and Suzanne McClelland (BFA 81) was recently on view in mark, a group exhibition at Team Gallery (83 Grand Street, New York, NY).

The exhibition featured Loving’s pulped paper works from the 1980s, works that reside in the sculptural space and distend the rectangular picture plane and confound the norms of paper.

McClelland’s work, exploring mark” at its deepest etymological levels, was also featured in the exhibition. In her recent work, McClelland uses partially-legible script to reference global culture’s units of human measurement: body size and net worth. The verso of every recent panel reveals a photocopy collage of source material on the painting’s subject (usually an all-too-powerful male figure from politics or pop culture), serving as a key to the active and apocryphal painting surface.