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Student Work Featured in AAFF’s ‘Out There’


Stamps students Layla Abdul-Jabbar, Elle Leung, Jen Huang, Heidi Liu, Vicki Liu, and Sarah McNamara are featured in the Ann Arbor Film Festival’s Out There” three-minute animation competition. The competition, a partnership with the Women’s Caucus for Art, Michigan, and the Ann Arbor Film Festival, asked animators to show what’s off the grid, in outer space or inner depths, and what is normally invisible, unspoken, or off limits. Competition winners include:

  • Heidi Liu, Clean Hands”, 1:59
  • Heidi and Vicki Liu, Urchin”, 1.09
  • Heidi Liu, No Sass”, .58
  • Layla Abdul-Jabbar, Don’t Hide from Me”, 1.08
  • Sarah McNamara, Oceans Missed”, 1.28
  • Elle Leung & Jen Huang, Terr”, 2.58
  • Vicki Liu, Traces”, 1.30
  • Collin Leix, Interface”, 2.06

A loop of Out There” winners will be shown as a part of the Ann Arbor Film Festival’s Off The Screen! programming at North Quad Space 2435 throughout the duration of the festival during these hours: Tuesday, March 21 from 2 — 6 pm; Wednesday, March 22 — Friday, March 24 from 10 am — 6 pm; Saturday, March 25 from 10 am — 4 pm; and Sunday, March 26 from 10 am — 4pm.

There will be a reception for all exhibitions at North Quad on Tuesday, March 21st, from 3 – 5pm. Refreshments will be served. 

Learn more and view the animations at the MIWCA blog and the WCAMichigan Facebook page.