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Student Spotlight: Three Stamps Students Receive 2022 Giving Blueday Scholarship

Three Stamps students know the value of Giving Blueday. 

Samantha Greenhill, Ansley Lewis, and Alyssa Wilcome are all Stamps School Giving Blueday Scholarship recipients. Each of these undergraduate students express their gratitude for the support they have received for completing their degrees. 

On Wednesday, March 16, the Stamps School joins the rest of the University of Michigan community to celebrate the annual Giving Blueday university-wide day of giving. Everyone is invited to participate by contributing any amount to an initiative at Stamps that means the most to them. The Giving Blueday Scholarship is just one example of how donations to the A&D Opportunity Fund positively impact students’ lives.

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Meet the 2022 Giving Blueday Scholarship Recipients

Samantha Greenhill (BFA 22) is preparing to graduate in April 2022

Focused on UI/UX and graphic design, when asked what she is most proud of, Samantha describes a high-fidelity clickable prototype she designed for a mobile app called Workout Buddy in her Senior Independent Studio Class. The concept of Workout Buddy was created on a cross-functional team which I was part of in my Entrepreneurship Practicum class. I seized the opportunity to take this great idea my team discovered and brought it to life in my Stamps studio class,” said Samantha.

Samantha says that the scholarship has allowed her to focus on other major projects and studies as she completes her degree. 

Ansley Lewis (BFA 24) is a talented artist nearing the completion of her studies at the Stamps School. I would describe myself as a graphic designer that focuses on how I can use my work to create a conversation around equity and equality,” she says.

Ansley put that philosophy into practice when she created Sweeter Than Honey” and MMXII.” The two pieces are part of a collection that she did for her Methods of Inquiry class that examined how color has become gendered in society. Ansley said, This project pushed me to look at why society associates biological sex with certain colors and how this cultivates an oppressive narrative about gender norms.”

With a focus on a future in sharing her love of art and design with others, Ansley hopes to support other students with a scholarship one day. 

Alyssa Wilcome (BFA 24) is a student on the move. Her primary area of interest is ceramics, but she is exploring printmaking and painting at Stamps while she pursues her degree. She is using her talent to make statements regarding gender bias.

One of the pieces I am most proud of from my sophomore year so far is entitled Poolside Shame completed as a relief print presented in 3 different color iterations. This was the first project that influenced my major in art and design and minor in women’s gender and health studies. I love this piece because it shows the real impact of degrading remarks and jokes around pubic hair on preteen girls, leading to low self-esteem and uncomfortable feelings within the natural body.”

Alyssa says receiving the Giving Blueday Scholarship has made a difference in her approach to her studies. My creative work has been impacted because it is most likely of better quality than what it may have been; it has been easier for me to purchase the necessary, more expensive tools and supplies for my class projects. I can focus better in my classes and appreciate the academic experience of college because I feel secure in my financial situation.”

Join us in supporting Stamps students by making your donation to the A&D Opportunity Fund and the Giving Blueday Scholarship on March 16.