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Stamps Student Emergency Fund

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the Stamps community together to face new challenges, address unprecedented complexities, and find new ways to support one another during this difficult time.

Through it all, we have built an even stronger sense of community and created new modes of flexible collaboration. We look forward to the day when the pandemic is behind us, but until then we will continue to discover creative solutions to support our ever-growing network.

To best support our students during this time, Dean Guna Nadarajan created the Stamps Student Emergency Fund to aid students who encounter unexpected emergencies and who are experiencing the financial impacts of COVID-19.

At the University of Michigan, we have seen over 3,000 tele-counseling sessions between students and U-M’s Counseling and Psychological Services since COVID-19 life began. It’s clear our students need us now more than ever. Whether it's food, medical expenses, family emergencies, technology access, or other unanticipated expenses, this fund helps Stamps students navigate tough times without disrupting their educational trajectory.

Those interested and able to support students during this time can do so through the Leaders & Best website.

For those students interested in requesting emergency funding, please see the information below on applicable situations, eligibility, and the application process.

Stamps Student Emergency Fund Description


The Stamps School of Art & Design’s Student Emergency Fund is intended to help meet financial needs of Stamps students who encounter an emergency situation or one-time, unusual, or unforeseen expenses during their degree program (award amount will vary, typically up to $2,500). This scholarship is not intended to supplement a student's financial aid package and cannot be awarded beyond what a student’s aid package allows.

Situations eligible for funding include, but are not limited to:

  • Medical, dental, or mental health emergencies for the student.
  • Major accidents and events such as fire and natural disasters.
  • Expenses related to the loss of an immediate family member.

Challenges Related to COVID-19: Requests due to COVID-19–related hardships, even those that fall outside of the categories listed above, are welcomed and will receive full consideration. Such requests will be evaluated individually and could include support for temporary housing needs, emergency travel, or issues related to the need to work off-site or inability to work for an extended period because of self-quarantine, self-isolation, or social distancing. We will be continually monitoring these criteria as the situation evolves.


  • Students are typically limited to one (1) Stamps Student Emergency Fund award during their undergraduate and graduate career.
  • Students must be currently enrolled full-time and pursuing a degree program at the Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design and maintain good academic standing.
  • For students who qualify for need-based financial aid, receipt of this award may reduce the original loan amount or subsidy.

Emergency Funding generally does not cover:

  • Expenses due to lack of financial planning
  • Outstanding debt (to the university or otherwise
  • Tuition and other university fees
  • Legal fees and court costs
  • Technology Repair/Purchase

Application Process

Students can apply online and applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Before applying for emergency funds, students are encouraged to speak to their advisors or program coordinator. These individuals may be able to help identify alternative and/or additional sources of financial assistance and/or provide useful advice. Students should also contact the Office of Financial Aid prior to submitting an application for help evaluating their individual circumstances and potential impact to financial aid.

Additional Information

Students who are experiencing financial difficulties that exceed the scope of this fund may request a meeting with an advisor or program coordinator to further explore the difficulties they are experiencing. Staff will be in touch with students to help address needs, concerns and to assist with campus referrals, as appropriate.