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Stephanie Sim and Sara Eskandari Publish Fantasy Comic on WEBTOON

Bardsong Promo

Stephanie Sim (BFA 19) and Sara Eskandari (BA 19) recently launched bardsong, a fantasy webcomic series, on WEBTOON.

bardsong follows Myriad and Scipio, two performers trying to make a home in the city of Jadix. Will they push each other to new heights? Or just push each other’s buttons? A modern love story told through a fantasy world, inspired by D&D 5e. Through bardsong, Steph and Sara channel their love of world building and Dungeons & Dragons while pushing back against tired, cliché romantic tropes.

Read bardsong by downloading the WEBTOON app or by visiting bit​.ly/​r​e​a​d​b​a​r​d​s​o​n​g​comic and support Stephanie and Sara on Patreon, where they post bonus content including extra art, phone wallpapers, and a podcast where they discuss the comic. bardsong updates every other Sunday.

bardsong | WEBTOON