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Stamps Alumni Exhibit at David Klein Gallery

September 19, 2019

Work by Clara McClenon, (MFA ‘16) and Trevor King, (MFA ‘15) is on view in SALON, a new exhibition at Detroit’s David Klein Gallery. The exhibition of work on paper features drawings, paintings, prints and photographs by thirty-seven contemporary artists.

The work of four other Stamps alumni will also be featured in SALON, including Cooper Holoweski (BFA ‘04), Patrick Hill (BFA ‘96), Carlos Diaz (MFA ‘83), and Elizabeth Youngblood (BFA ‘73). The exhibition includes a selection of work by artists based in Detroit, the East Coast, West Coast and in-between. Over seventy-five works on paper will be installed in the gallery’s 4000 square foot space in downtown Detroit including drawings by Mariana Olague, Judy Pfaff, Jessica Rohrer and Tylonn Sawyer; photographs by Mitch Cope, Scott Hocking, Corine Vermeulen and Brittany Nelson; prints by Mario Moore, Emmy Bright, Cooper Holoweski, and Carrie Moyer and paintings by Elise Ansel, Kim McCarty, Patrick Hill and Rosalind Tallmadge.

September 14 - November 3
David Klein Gallery
1520 Washington Boulevard, Detroit, Michigan

Stamps Alumni Exhibit at David Klein Gallery