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Stamps Senior Gina Canter Wins Ross Art Contest

Ginacanter 2

Gina Canter (BA 2017) was recently named the winner of a Ross School of Business art competition that asked students to submit a compelling rendition of the newly renovated Blau building. The painting was displayed at the Blau building’s opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony, attended by both Jeff T. Blau and Steven M. Ross. 25 copies of Canter’s work were created and given to donors who helped fund the building. 

From Canter’s artist statement for the winning piece: 

Inspired by the French Impressionist Monet’s Rouen Cathedral series, this painting depicts the Ross School of Business at different times of the day. As morning turns to afternoon, and afternoon turns to evening, the changing light emphasizes the importance of time to the success of the school and the many hours that the Ross community spends in the buildings. Each person experiences Ross differently, whether it be faculty and staff arriving early and preparing for the day ahead, or students putting in long hours through the night. Collectively, the painting represents the tradition of excellence at the school over time: The legacy of the past, the success of the present, and the potential of the future.”