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Stamps In Color Visit Alums in Los Angeles

A whirlwind trip to the West Coast for Stamps students included visits to top creative businesses connected to the entertainment industry and helped them prepare for their futures. 

A Stamps tradition is a professional development trip by the student organization Stamps in Color (SIC) each spring. This annual effort aims to expose Stamps racial minority students to companies that hire creatives and strongly value diversity, equity, and inclusion at their core. In creating this pipeline, there is an intentional emphasis on visiting innovative industries for students to build on their networking skills and learn what it means to work in the professional world after graduation.


The group visited seven companies while in Los Angeles. WC+A and met Stamps alum Kevin Williams (BFA95), founder and president. Then, it was on to Fox Corporation, where a panel spoke with the students about Fox, landing a job/​internship there, and general advice for creatives. Students learned about designing shoes during a stop at Adidas. They also received a tour of the studio lot. Nickelodeon was another stop on the trip, where students spoke with animators and others about the iconic network. In addition, students joined Dean Carlos Francisco Jackson and other alums at a gathering where they could network and relax.
Students who went on the trip shared their reflections on the experience. 

Students who went on the trip shared their reflections on the experience.

This trip has been on my bucket list for some time as I had known LA is one of the major hubs for entertainment, especially in my case, animation, and design. Getting to know my fellow alums, peers, and friends during the trip was great. I connected with them in what I hope will be a continued relationship for years. I enjoyed the alumni mixer as well! I had the chance to meet, connect, and even form some mentorships at the event. It was very insightful seeing their journeys in art and where they are currently in their careers. I can’t say there wasn’t a day when I didn’t learn something new about the art/​design industry! I will be forever grateful for this experience! — Peninnah Posey: BA December 2024 

Going on this trip, I learned valuable industry knowledge and tips, along with gaining a network of future contacts that would be impossible without this trip. So thank you for this unforgettable experience. — Kiara Bronson: BA 2027 

This trip has helped me dip my toe into the world of networking and business and has given me more opportunities to advance my career. Thank you for the opportunity! — Brook Kelley: BFA 2027

SIC in LA2

During this trip it helped me expand my knowledge with networking and explore my career path from how I could incorporate design in my work along with other interests. The LA trip was very helpful for me, especially to see how the job industry works in this area, along with how different each work department was. Thank you for this opportunity. It was amazing. — Miracle Otis: BFA 2027

During the Los Angeles trip for Stamps in Colors, I gained newfound confidence in learning and pushing myself to network. I’ve also learned many different business practices and skills, programs, and inspiration along the way, and I wish to thank you all for the help, opportunity, and encouragement. It has been a true honor to join you all on this trip. — Jalen Nieto-Smith: BFA 2027

I feel that with any career, people always carry some sort of anxiety of the unknown. For me, it was like a weight being taken off my shoulders during this Stamps in Color trip. I was able to network with professionals that gave me a new perspective on what it is like entering the field and maintaining and developing your creative mind and skill sets both on and off site. It was an inspiring experience, and I have a lot more confidence in myself and my future as a creative. — Desi Hudson: BFA 2027

This trip has been an unforgettable experience for my Stamps journey! Getting to build community with Stamps in Color, meeting all of the new members, and getting incredibly valuable resources has made this truly one of the best memories of college. I’m grateful for everyone who made this possible all of the people expanding their networks for us, and I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned with other SIC members!- Grace Sirman: BFA 2025

This trip opened my eyes to a world of possibilities and communities. It was a reminder that you will always find prosperity when you follow your passions and purpose. Plan, patience, and pivot,’ a motto l’ve been living by, has expanded to include people,’ as the connections I’ve made throughout this trip have reminded me of the power of investing your love and energy into your community at every given opportunity. I’m grateful to have had the chance to meet those who are doing that consistently. I am excited to continue that cycle of inspiration and connection with future BIPOC students moving forward. — Aya Galang: Interarts — BFA 2026 

SIC in LA3

Meeting with all the companies this past week has been an enriching experience, offering unique insights into various industries and business cultures. Each interaction provided valuable networking opportunities, allowing me to establish connections with professionals from diverse backgrounds. These connections have been invaluable, opening doors to potential collaborations, mentorship, and future opportunities. Additionally, engaging with the different companies has broadened my perspective and enhanced my understanding of market trends, challenges, and innovations. Overall, the meetings have reinforced the importance of building and nurturing professional relationships in today’s interconnected world. — Leilani Baylis Washington: BA August 2024

This trip wouldn’t be possible without the support of our donors, the SiC eboard, and Stephanie and Marks efforts, time, and dedication. I want to start off by saying thank you to everyone who made this trip a success. Every single company that we visited was very insightful and kind to us. I learned something new from each one even those that were not directly in the field of art and design that I am interested in. For example Riot Games built their work space geared towards making a great environment for their workers, and were very thoughtful with their interior and exterior designs including the kinds of trees they planted. We connected with people who worked for each company and in some we even got to meet and talk to the founders/​owners directly. Not only did we get their emails and LinkedIn, but some companies like WC + A, Fox studios and Known offered us to send them our resumes and portfolios for review/​feedback. They also gave us lots of mercy and not just pens and notebooks but even a pair of shoes, a water bottle and caps! My biggest take away was seeing artists thriving in their careers. That means the saying starving artists’ is a social stigma and not true for many artists. I say this because choosing art as a major is considered a risky career path and it’s scary going to a school like Michigan with students in fields like medicine, engineering, law and what not while getting an arts degree. However, this trip in particular gave me the courage and motivation to not just keep chasing my dream, but to chase my future. This trip made me believe even more than ever that being an artist is as great as any other high ranking profession. Many of the companies offer internships that I will be applying for next summer. Yet another reason that I am so honored to be selected to participate in this trip. - Elsa Olander: BFA 2026