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Stamps grad Jack Kornet wins design award for app Wellnest

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In the summer of 2019, I started working on a guided journaling app with a few friends from UofM (1 Engineering major, 1 Cognitive Science & Communications double major, 1 Business major). I am our self-proclaimed Chief Design Officer, and I design the product and our marketing material. Our lead engineer is our CEO, he leads investor and sales outreach. We contract another engineer who builds most of the app, who we pay with the small amount of funding we were able to secure while in school. Our cognitive science expert is our CMO and content lead, she creates, sources, and vets guided content for the app with a psych-advisory board, and leads our marketing campaigns. Our business person is our COO, he creates our monetization and growth strategies, and takes care of all of our legal necessities. Together, we all bleed into each-others fields and are able to collaborate and execute quickly and effectively. We are all personally attached to the mental health crisis especially as it pertains to young people. We think traditional solutions have failed to meet the needs of young people and are extremely passionate about changing that. See more on our website: https://​www​.wellnest​.co/

We worked on Wellnest in our off-time during school and conducted focus groups with students to learn more about how our generation faces mental health issues. I was also able to use IP to research and design how progress would be visualized in the app. When we graduated, we started working full-time. Last week, Wellnest finally launched on the app store. At the end of the week, we clocked in over 2,000 new accounts created, 150+ 5‑star reviews on the App Store, and over 6,000 journal entries created in the app.

On Friday we won an Airport Design Award: This highlighted 20 of the best-designed beta-apps in 2020. We hope to win App Store design awards in the coming year. We are in the process of closing our first major investment round and have pilot partnerships with BU, Carnegie Melon University, and U Penn. We are currently in the process of converting two of those partnerships to paid.

If I can say one thing about how Stamps has helped me, I want to acknowledge Franc Nunoo-Quarcoo, who consistently inspires and motivates me and who’s guidance and support has extended far beyond class and graduation.