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Stamps Classes Featured in All About Ann Arbor

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Image: Voting is Sexy 2018 Promotional Video 

All About Ann Arbor’s roundup of University of Michigan Fall 2018 courses with with eye-catching names and topics” features two new Stamps Courses: Voting is Sexy, taught by Associate Professors Stephanie Rowden and Hannah Smotrich, and Sci Fi Prototype: Designing for the future, taught by Assistant Professor Sophia Brueckner.

Voting is Sexy — Students in this team-based class will create a high-energy campaign of pop-up events, posters, video, social media and more in order to educate, entertain, motivate, inspire and enliven their peers to vote Nov. 6.

Sci Fi Prototype: Designing for the future — This course ties science fiction with speculative/​critical design as a means to encourage the ethical and thoughtful design of new technologies. Topics include virtual/​augmented reality; networks; artificial intelligence; nanotechnology; humanism and transhumanism; cyborgs and robotics; environmental issues; biology; utopias and dystopias; surveillance; music and art; interfaces; wearables; and/​or religion, culture, and society.

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