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Stamps Alumni Present at Gifts of Art

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Sculpture by Marcia Polenberg 

Three Stamps alumni — Marcia Polenberg (MFA 88), Hava Gurevich (BFA 90), and Ruth Taubman (BFA 81) — are presenting their work in the Gifts of Art Gallery. Gifts of Art is one of the first and most comprehensive arts in medicine programs nationwide, bringing the world of art & music to Michigan Medicine.

Marcia Polenberg loves animals, each with its own unique personality, intelligence and expressive range of emotions. Using terra-cotta sculpture clay, Polenberg hand builds her ceramic animals, seemingly bringing them to life in her collection, Animal Friends.”

Hava Gurevich’s colorful abstractions feature botanical, aquatic and microscopic motifs as she explores repeating patterns in nature. Blending images from the real world and her imagination, Organic Fiction” celebrates nature in all its beauty, chaos and complexity. 

Ruth Taubman’s unmatched exuberance of color and 36 years of work and business innovation place her jewelry firmly on the national stage. She presents her work as part of a group show of jewelry and ornaments titled Innovations in Ornament.

The Gifts of Art Gallery runs from September 17-December 7, 2018, and can be found in the U‑M Hospital, located at 1500 E. Medical Center Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48109. The gallery is open daily from 8am-8pm.