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Srimoyee Mitra: The Times of India Profile

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Stamps Gallery Director Srimoyee Mitra was recently featured with a profile essay in the March 20 edition of The Times of India (Mumbai).

Largely centered on cultural and social research, the focus of my curatorial practice lies in exploring questions of place.“ It is an inquiry-based practice, where I start with questions like, what makes this place?“ A simple question that reveals a multitude of histories and narratives be they well known socio-cultural, scientific, economic perspectives or unknown minoritarian narratives and histories that are personal, fragmented or erased. I curate exhibitions and projects where artists, designers, architects, filmmakers, explore the space between the known and unknown, visible and invisible worlds to develop meaningful works that envision and create positive social change.

I will assume the role of inaugural director of the new U‑M Stamps Gallery from April 3, where I will head the 8,000-square-foot space situated on the first floor of McKinley Towne Centre in downtown Ann Arbor. I am looking forward to it. We are living in a highly divisive time, and the objective of my work as a curator is to build a shared understanding of our society and culture by bringing together innovative and meaningful work by diverse artists and creative practitioners on questions of social justice, empathy and respect.

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