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Sophia Brueckner: Unscripted Interfaces at GALLERYSKE in Bangalore

GALLERYSKE Bangalore 2

Sophia Brueckner will be exhibiting several algorithmically artworks as part of Unscripted Interfaces, an exhibition curated by Marialaura Ghidini at GALLERYSKE in Bangalore.

GALLERYSKE, Bangalore invites you to the opening of Unscripted Interfaces, an exhibition featuring the works of artist, designer and engineer Sophia Brueckner and artist Tara Kelton curated by Marialaura Ghidini.

The exhibition presents two artistic encounters with the mediating effects of the interfaces of the everyday. With reciprocal approaches, Brueckner and Kelton explore the spaces that form a boundary between the human — our bodies, behaviours, emotions — and the machine — the software, the computer, the corporate infrastructure that enables technological developments.

The exhibition opens on Friday, November 2, 2018 and will include a talk by the artist Sophia Brueckner at 6pm. The works will remain on view till the December 152018.

2 Berlie Street
Langford Town
Bangalore 560 025

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