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Sophia Brueckner to Moderate Nov. 11 Working Ethically in Tech Event

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On November 11, 2022, Stamps Associate Professor and Co-director of the Center for Ethics, Society, and Computing (ESC) Sophia Brueckner will moderate a conversation with invited experts Erhardt Graeff, Alex Hanna & Dawn Nafus to answer students’ questions on how to work in the tech industry with ethics and social justice in mind. 

Some of the questions that will be discussed include:

1) What do you think is the best way to handle a situation where you are asked to do something you feel is unethical or could be done better? In particular, do you have any advice for a young designer or engineer who might not feel very confident pushing back?

2) Can you think of any resources that could help young technologists be aware of their own blind spots and give them some tools for making and advocating for ethical design choices? What kinds of classes should they be taking now?

3) How do you make the decision between participating in building something questionable but mitigating negative consequences vs opting out altogether? Have you had any experiences where you had to make this decision? 

4) For our students who care about social justice and ethics wanting to work in technology, are there some types of places that are better to work than others? What advice would you give them as they start their careers? 

How To Say No To Tech — With Erhardt Graeff, Alex Hanna & Dawn Nafus
November 11, 2022 @ 12:00 pm — 1:00 pm EST
HOW TO PARTICIPATE: This event will be live-streamed via Zoom: https://​umich​.zoom​.us/​j​/​91304715274​?​p​w​d​=​Q​m​1​i​L​1​p​s​d​3​d​H​d​W​1​E​d​T​Q​3​R​D​V​2​T​k​U​yUT09 (Passcode: ESC). Registration is not required.