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Sophia Brueckner awarded U-M Arts Initiative Grant

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Sophia Brueckner is part of an interdisciplinary team awarded one of the U‑M Arts Initiative Pilot Grants.
The project, Fair Representation in Arts and in Data, analyzes representation in art through the application of algorithms to images of people in the U‑M Museum of Art’s collection. The team includes Jing Liu, managing director of the Michigan Institute for Data Science; Kerby Shedden, professor of statistics and director of the Center for Statistical Consultation and Research; David Choberka, curator for university and learning programs at the U‑M Museum of Art; and John Turner, senior manager of museum technology, U‑M Museum of Art).

Our strengths and opportunities are clear — U‑M is a leader in arts research, creation, education, and presentation. As this initiative matures in the years ahead, we will have the opportunity to create new dimensions of U‑M excellence through the arts — ones that are perhaps unknown to us today.”
—President Mark S. Schlissel

Illustration by Stamps student Shannon Yeung
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